Thursday, March 16, 2006

Once, twice - Three times....

Had some blood work done today.

I am starting to lose hope in the medical field after the last few weeks.

I had to fast for 12+ hours. So when I show up this morning at 9:10 I am hungry and ready to be done.

Have I mentioned I am not fond of needles?

Well anyway - she pokes me once...not too bad. Blood starts to run. Then STOPS. GRRR....she wiggles the needle...taps the vial and determines it's a bad tube. Puts on a new tube.

Blood starts to run again. Then stops AGAIN! Now I am irritated. So she taps the bottle. She wiggles the needle. What next? Try the other arm? OH NO - she JAMS the needle up my arm. I wince in pain. Have I mentioned I don't like needles?

So by this time (hungry, thirsty and violated with a needle) I am starting to get a wee bit - faint. So she tells me she isn't comfortable continuing.

SCREW THAT. You are getting what you came for lady. Do what you have to do. Get that damn blood. I am NOT doing this again next week.

So she moves me to a room with a bed.

Pokes me again - and the blood starts to run. THEN STOPS AGAIN.

By this time I have had about all I can take. Get it over with. Get what you can.

So she wiggles the needle - pokes me again (I think) and gets enough.

It's been a long day.



Writer Mom said...


Jack would have covered you with bandaids. Poor thing!!!

Happy St. Patricks Day, my redheaded Irish friend! I hope you're swilling back a few tonight.


fineartist said...

I hope you have recovered from the milk blood. (That reminds me of Neil Young, and then I am remined of Skynyrd, and then I think….Gimme back, gimme back my blood corpuscles
Put ’em back where they belong
Ain’t foolin’ around ’cause I done had my fun
Ain’t gonna see no more damage done

Be well, Chep. Xxx, Lori

Ps, the corpuscles thing REALLY didn’t work, did it?

Rain said...

Sending you good wishes and prayers for a quick recovery.

fineartist said...

missing you sweetie....

kelscraggly said...

That's when you say...listen up have ONE more chance to get this before I DEMAND someone else to do this. YOU are the patient. YOU have that right...EVEN with a doc....just remember that ;-)

Matt said...

hope you are okay? i'll be in better touch soon... HUGS

Writer Mom said...

Come back. People are worried.
We love you.
Come back.