Friday, April 28, 2006

Administrative Professionals Day

Something to ponder....
***One of the Administrative Professionals jobs is to ensure that their boss(es) are reminded of reports, special projects and special days. SO - does an AP need to remind their boss of Administrative Professional's Day??!!***

In case you didn't know - I am an Administrative Assistant for the Director of Education at a small college here in Iowa.

This is my first administrative position, so last year on Administrative Professionals Day, I:
  1. Didn't know about it
  2. Didn't know what to expect

So when my boss forgot - I didn't know. Heck I didn't know until one of the department heads brought me some MK products (love those Satin Fingers!) Needless to say - my boss felt like a tool. He took me to lunch and apologized profusely.

No matter how many times I told him it wasn't a big deal - he never seemed to believe me.

Anyway - Wednesday was AP Day this year.

He didn't forget this year. In fact, he was the only one in the office that remembered (besides the same department head that remembered last year)

So not only did he make sure I got flowers - all the other admins did too!

My boss is a great guy - and he sure did make all of us ladies feel special!


The Jamoker said...

congrats! having a great boss makes it all worthwhile...

Writer Mom said...

I have low expectations for Mother's Day, truth be told. That is also Graduation Day, and I'll be sharing the day with two other mothers and Tom in his cap and gown.
Did I just pull an Eeyore on your story? Sorry about that. ;) I can't imagine anyone forgetting you, but three cheers for the boss who puts up the extra effort!

Carol said...

Nice one! Plenty kudos for your bossman.