Monday, April 24, 2006

I'm getting involved!

This is my first real volunteer activity since I have moved to Iowa - and frankly I don't think I could have picked a better organization in which to become involved.

In college I did a lot of volunteer work through Alpha Phi Omega and I really enjoyed giving back to the community. When I graduated I did some volunteering through the parks department but not much.

Hamilton College (where I work) emphasizes giving back to the community. In fact all students are required to take a Human Dynamics course which requires the class creates a project in order to give back to others. We are also allotted 4 hours a month in order to volunteer in our favorite charity. Working in this kind of environment has taught me to examine my life, and what I can do to help others.

Sadly, I didn't do much. Until this opportunity presented itself.

Many people in my life have been touched by cancer. My grandmother has lost nearly all her siblings to the disease and now my father has been fighting his own battle with skin cancer. This, along with the never ending fear that I too will someday face skin cancer, has prompted me to become involved in this worthy cause.

Hamilton College sponsors a team in the Relay for Life and I have volunteered to walk in the 12 hour event (hence the trips to the gym!) I have also been involved in the entertainment committee working to get volunteers to come to spend some time at the event.

As a participant I am working to raise my share of the team cost.


10 friends - to give $10.

If you would like to help me raise my $100 please click here.

If you would rather not help me - at least help the Cancer Society in your hometown. It's a wonderful organization that has contributed to almost every major discovery in cancer research.

You never know - the life you save, might be your own.


Carol said...

Good for you! Well done. At Dad's funeral, instead of flowers, we had donations to the nurses who helped Mum look after Dad towards the end. We don't know how much we raised just yet, but we know it was a lot.

Mama Chep said...

Yo Mama will give you some $$$...especially since you've done so well with the box tops....keep saving them, the final count is coming and there will be another competetion next cereal!!!
Mama Chep

Writer Mom said...

Good for you!

zilla said...

Good on ya, Sistah.

Chep said...

Zilla - YOU ROCK!

Thanks for supporting The American Cancer Society and for helping me get closer to my goal!

zilla said...

Jeez, it took all of thirty seconds. And ten bucks? I probably owe more than that in Blockbuster fines :-)

Come ON, kids! Help her out!