Thursday, May 18, 2006

KY Fried Crap

I have an confession.

I am an odd chicken, duck, whatever.

Why you ask? Well I am a firm believer that the food on your plate should not touch. My grandfather's Thanksgiving plate kinda wigs me out.

This is why the nationwide Fried Crap chain has just released the most disturbing menu item. It's all of your necessary food groups, covered in gravy and served in a bowl. Can I just say ICK?

Here's the recipe:

Layer 1: Mashed Potatoes (which I don't particularly like...reminds me of already chewed food)
Layer 2: Sweet corn
Layer 3: Bite sized chicken pieces (Fried of course)
Layer 4: OK not really a layer - more like a drench in brown gravy
Layer 5: Three cheese blend (OK I have to admit I like many a thing covered in cheese...)

Yeah. This is a nightmare for people like me. There are more of us out there than you know....

Don't's one of my quirks. Just don't eat one in front of me and we're good.


fineartist said...

Okay, I wont,

and I loathe to admit this but I saw that commercial yesterday and it looked really good to me...

I Salivated and everything...

course I've been trying to watch what I eat...for the past day and a half. Heh heh.

xo, Lo

Mama Chep said...

I know where you got the 'quirk' from....that mess turns me off too...I saw the commercial yesterday and it looked icky...

Carol said...

My Dad had a food phobia as well. If anyone touched his plate, he wouldn't eat any more. Unfortunate in a culture that thinks nicking chips off your plate is okay.

zilla said...

So what's it called? KF Slop Bucket? Adding cheese to that mix is just plain wrong.

Btw, you've just screwed yourself out of my recipe for Thanksgiving Soup.

Nope, can't have it :-)

Chep said...

z: you have a soup for Thanksgiving? that is designed to have all the food mixed in....little different I must say.
Lo: you aren't the only one that thought it looked good - my husband thought it sounded great! Carol: my sister also didn't like anyone "fondling her food" very unfortunate in these days I agree!
Ma: Glad to hear it comes naturally - I thought I was the only odd duck in the family!