Sunday, May 14, 2006

A Tribute to My Mother....

June Cleaver, Carol Brady, Marion Cunningham and Mama Chep. What one thing do all these ladies have in common?

At least one kid, at one time – wished they had one of these ladies for a mother.

Growing up, our house was where all the kids wanted to come. Pool, big backyard, pizza and an endless supply of pop! Yes, all the kids I knew thought that my mom was TOPS.

I’ll be honest. When I was a teenager, there were times that my mother embarrassed me. Heck, who wasn’t embarrassed by their mother at some point during their childhood?

As I look back, those things that embarrassed me, were the exact things that I lovingly remember today: Mom yelling at the ballpark, at my volleyball games, cheering on my sister while she ran her heart out (mom did a lot of cheering!)

Sure, mom embarrassed me; but she did some really cool stuff too. I bet June Cleaver never let Beaver dissect a frog (much less do it in the kitchen and provide all the tools to do so!) I can bet that Carol Brady never let her kids raise chinchillas or albino rats, and I’m pretty sure that Marion Cunningham never went Mexico and brought back her kids shot glasses and a 1/5 of tequila.

Unfortunately, we live 4 hours from my parents and my sister lives 2 hours away so we were not able to spend Mother’s Day with Mama Chep…so we sent flowers. There was an issue with the arrangement sent to my mother. I chatted with the young man at and he asked permission to call my mother at 8:45 PM to see if she received her flowers (even though I assured him had she gotten them she would have called us VERY excited.)

He was gone no more than 5 minutes. When he came back the first thing he said was “I must say, that your mother is a very nice lady.” I strongly agreed – she’s a lot of fun too.

So here’s to my mother…Mama Chep we love and miss you! Wish we could be there to celebrate your special day!

Happy Mother’s Day!


Writer Mom said...

What a sweet tribute! Happy Mother's Day, Mama Chep! I'd love to see a picture of the flowers!

1800weeds. ;)

Carol said...

That's so nice. Isn't it great, having a great Mum? I hope my/your kids think the same thing when we/you are our age!

zilla said...

Gosh, I just adore Mama Chep. And seriously, it has nothing to do with shot glasses & tequila.

(Aside: I had the soda-pop house growing up, too! The neighbor kids decided we were "rich" based soley on the cases of Coke in our pantry, and the fact that we could have one whenever we wanted. Never mind I lived in a 3 br / 1 bath tract house -- we had COKES!)

Chep said...

Ah yes - mom had a wall of soda. Wonder if we have a picture was most impressive. My sister was a true artist with pop cans!

fineartist said...

Awww what a nice momma's day blog/card,

you both rule.

I remember Garrison Kelior (sp? I’m too tired to google it, which translates to lazy…) saying that nothing says true family love like the feeling of embarrassment....I love that guy.

Xo, Lo