Wednesday, July 26, 2006

A Night at Geekville

It's official.

Brad and I are geeks.

We spent the evening watching Mythbustas. I have to say...I did learn something.

If you are throwing a party and you forgot to chill the beer - if you place your cans in salt/ice water it will chill your 6 pack (to 37 degrees) in 5 minutes.

The only way to chill your beer faster is with a fire extinguisher (2 minutes). Granted it costs a bit more - but it IS faster!

Party ON!


Rain said...

My ol man will certainly appreciate that info ;)

zilla said...

Apparently I was watching the wrong show. I watched "Overhaulin' Bling" and the car of choice was a two-door Tahoe. I learned nothing. NOTHing.

I don't understand why the salted ice thing works, but obviously it does, given the whole hand-cranked ice cream phenom. Makes no sense to my puny mind, but it works!

Writer Mom said...

I think Leo DiCaprio explains the scientific process in Titanic, but I might be wrong.
Cold salt water = Bad for humans. Good for warm beer.
I try to gather information from movies, if you hadn't noticed. It takes longer, and is unreliable.

Are you feeling better???

fineartist said...

I would tell my man but he keeps an ice chest full of beer at all times.

Well water at work, then on his way home he stops for beer. He doesn't even use the fridge anymore, says it's not cold enough.

I don't think I ever remember him not having cold beer....ever.