Monday, July 17, 2006

Toasted Cheese

Named after the sandwich Grandma R. used to make. Here's the make-up:
*2 slices of bread. Toasted
*1 slice of american cheese
*30 seconds in the microwave.
***Hot***Gooey***kinda soggy***
Pretty much sums up my day - so here it is.

Rattle, rattle, rattle.
The smell of Limburger on my face.
Must be time for Pepper (Jack) to get up.
It's already 80 degrees at 6:00AM. Damn gonna be a hot one.

A little shredded wheat and the paper get me going for the day. Iowa news - a little on the dry side.

The boss left me a message - out sick. Hopefully he'll come back as a Fresh Jack.

I wrote 1 report, fixed a major curd, and when I stepped out at lunch it was 107. Talk about Frying Cheese!

Pepper (Jack) and I had lunch together - and on my way back to work - Hickey called me, he was one brick shy of a full load. Freaking out over work. I got the (Texas) Longhorn smoothed over and started to churn away at my second report of the day.

After word that we might get storms I made a call down to Maytag (blue cheese) to talk to Mr. Chep about dinner. We decided to take both cars up to the north side and park in the garage at the mall to protect them from the baseball sized hail on it's way to CR.

Dinner at a chainy, Irish wanna be pub. Had me a blue cheese burger, with some sort of nasty gravy on it. I do not recommend combining gravy and blue cheese. Ick.

We avoided the rain, wind and potential hail and headed back home.

This is when I fell upon Zilla's contest.

So here it is. My days are so dull I had to integrate cheese in the story. Boy do I have a boring life.


zilla said...


You had to InteGRATE cheese? Pun intended?

This just might be the cheesiest post I've ever read.

Chep said...

Z: That was my intention...I am all about cheese!

Writer Mom said...


Too tired to say something cheesy.
Hugs, kisses, and give that dog a pepper mint!