Saturday, July 15, 2006

Shellsburg Big Day Parade

Shellsburg Big Day Parade
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I spent the morning (90 degree morning I might add) in Shellsburg, IA at their "Big Day" parade. (No Mr. Chep didn't go, he was required to stay home and rest - he's been sick.)

My friend "E" grew up, and still lives in Shellsburg, as do his very cool parents.

It was a wonderful morning and I captured some very interesting shots...this being one of my favorites. Check out my Flickr account for more shots!

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zilla said...

I love a girl with wirestrippers & screwdrivers, even if she doesn't use them. If she can identify a wirestripper she's cool by me. Means she's got an inkling of how things work.

Get well soon, Mr. Chepiddy-doo-dah!