Saturday, July 15, 2006

Tidbits from Zilla

I took this from Zilla....she told me to tag myself...

In My Fridge:
Homemade chicken soup from last night
Diet Coke
Raspberry preserves from Canada
Jalapeno/Cheddar Brats

In My Purse:
Nearly dead cell phone
Wintermint Gum

In My Closet:
10 pair of shoes most people could use as skis
2 Bridesmaids dresses
2 Letterman's Jackets (circa 1992 and 1995 - sweet!)
Handbeaded sequin shawl

My Car (this's Mr. Chep's truck)
Hamilton College camp chair (from this morning parade)
XM Radio
Wirestripper and screwdriver
Dog hair

I tag Kelscraggly...she likes these things! :)

1 comment:

kelscraggly said...

Dude, I tagged you and Zilla like two weeks ago on this I know who REALLY reads my blog...