Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Like Father, Like Son...Part Duex

Grandpa and Uncle Dorsey
Originally uploaded by Chepner.
This is grandpa and Uncle D.

Both sailors....for life.

Good luck Uncle D in the Mackinac Race!


fineartist said...

Wish your Uncle D good luck from the blog people/from us too.

zilla said...

The Mackinac Race?


Are you coming north to watch?

Let's get together for crappy pizza and good beer!

Writer Mom said...

If she's going, I'm going, too. My kids haven't stopped asking about JeanTeena and Rexie. I could use more beer. Add auntie C and Viktor Crum to the mix, and they'd be in heaven!
Does Uncle D have a good camera, or will he be too busy yanking the jib and all that other stuff?

*I know where that picture is, btw, of you pushing your little sunfish into Lake Lemon. Should I post it?

averagedrinker said...

if it isn't too much for the father and son, are there any chances i can chat with them on webdate? they both look hot,serious!