Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Thought for today

While on my way to work this morning they had a contest on the radio to win tickets to see Korn.

The callers had to answer questions in "lightning round" fashion.

The first 3 callers bombed.

The question you ask?

"How many states make up the continental United States?"

Caller 1: 50
Caller 2: 50
Caller 3: 52?




Anonymous said...

Its not 50?

Writer Mom said...

Caller 3 was me. And damnit, I do so love Korn. Reminds me of high school.
No it doesn't.
Anyway, I forgot Puerto Rico and Guam aren't actually states.
I over thought it, obviously.
It was the continental part that threw me.

fineartist said...

Tag team bloggers strike again....The theme Iron (Wo)man fills the Arena....Becky revs up on her Harley with Lori riding bitch. (Damn it)

The crowd goes wild.

Take it Lor...

the continetal us, it now consists of 50 states and one federal district, and has a number of overseas territories. RAaaaaaaaa, so there ya go. TAke it Beck, tag.

Yah, what she said, and Chep and writer mom, you crack up my shit.

High five, titty touch, belly bump, HOo HOo, tag team bloggers rule!

zilla said...

Continental. You're kidding me. People must not have heard the word, because I refuse to believe they don't know the meaning of it.

Well, what do we expect from people who probably believe Korn is always spelled with a K?

Okay, Alaska ought to be included as continental, because it's part of North America, but the question did not ask for districts or territories, so DC can't be counted.

Korn on the Kob, anyone?