Wednesday, August 16, 2006

The Guilty Conscience

I know....I've been a bad blogger. I've been at the gym. :-)

Why is it when your boss asks you to "close the door" we all assume it's going to be bad. Even if we haven't done anything wrong???

Is it something that our parent's ingrained in our skulls at a young age? Is it the cliche...."We need to talk" talk?

Whatever it gave me a heart attack today.

I went into S's office today to file some paperwork in the manager's file. S is a busy man so I try to keep my visits to his office minimal and short.

S: Hey Chep (he didn't call me Chep....but he has) go ahead and close the door. I want to talk to you before I get a million people in my office today.

Ah Crap....I think I saw him with one of those communications forms up earlier today....I wonder if that's for me...I see him whip one of those bad boys out and give it to me..I start to panic.

S: I want to read this.

**OK - don't show that you're worried - grab the paper....pretend to read....scan for diciplinary action.....wait....did I see a "exceptional on there??" I look up and see S just grinning....I start to re-read.

Basically he was telling me his good performance is due to my performance.

He got one of these was a communication for commendable performance. He had gotten a written communication from the Academic Dean for commendable performance at his job and for an exceptional file audit.

He turned around and tossed me a compliment stating he couldn't have done it without me (not in those words....that would be hokey) but you get the idea.

I must admit it made my day. Heck I would have to say it made my week.


Mama Chep said...

Good for you!!! You deserve a pat on the back because I know you give every job you do your best. The nice thing is that your boss recognized your efforts...Congrats

Carol said...

Way to go, Chep! Well done :)

Writer Mom said...

The INCREDIBLE thing is that your boss recognizes your efforts. He's lucky and you're lucky. Congrats to you both!

zilla said...

Congratulations! You've been busy! You've earned the appreciation!

Rest assured, your doodles ARE coming, and so are a bunch of boxtops for Mama Chep. When I haven't been busy, I've been a total slug. When I haven't been a slug, I've been totally busy. But they ARE coming!

This boxtop thing, by the way, means I think of you every day, even when I don't visit your blog. Did you know that? Boxtops are inescapable in this house (we keep Go-gurt in the freezer all summer), and every time I see one I think of you! I have only had to smack ONE child ONE time for almost putting a boxtop in the recycle bin. Now the whole family knows to tear them off and put them in my boxtop basket.

PS: It wasn't a real smack, because it was MOOSE, and that kid could so totally crush me.