Sunday, September 17, 2006

I have a confession....

OK - I have a confession.

Nothing mind blowing - but a small item you may have suspected (if you have been to my flickr page)

I do not know how to shape eyebrows.

There I said it. Whew. Glad to have that off my chest.

Why do I bring this up today? eyebrows are a wee bit ghastly. Not uni-brow ghastly - but unshapely and just all around...not pretty. Need proof? Here ya go.

My mother and sister on the other hand have well shaped eyebrows.

What happened to me? Who knows! No one taught me how? Maybe they all thought. "Heck you can't see them anyway...they're blonde. No one will notice.

I noticed. I admit it. I need help.

Kelscraggly is out there thinking - "OMG I thought she's never ask!"
Writermom and her roomies tried to get me to wax my face in college.
There have been attempts. I have failed.

So today I went hunting for good information on how to shape your brows. There isn't any. So if you know of any good sites or any hints - please help me. I don't want to grow up and have these eyebrows!


zilla said...

I don't think you're in danger of growing doggy brows -- that's Mr Z's long suit.

I never pluck.

Or wax.

Oh, sure, I used to, but I gave it up gladly when "Blue Lagoon" came out.

Writer Mom said...

I do not remember this. I mean, I certainly don't remember ever thinking, "Chep needs a brow waxing." I may have thought it would be funny to watch you tear the wax off. And I may have been drunk at the time.
My roomies were mad waxers. That's when I started waxing. Nearly took it all off the first time.
It's tricky.
I recommend making an appointment with a pro. But if you're not interested in keeping it up for the rest of your life, don't do it.

Funny story. I remember getting my hair done awhile back, and this woman stormed into the beauty parlor, talking on her cellphone.
She said, "Do you have time to do a brow wax right now???"
The whole place paused. Some lady said, "I've got to finish here. Maybe in a half an hour."
"Half an hour??? (to phone) I'll be half an hour late."

Good Lord. Some ladies DO so take their eyebrows seriously.

I'm not like that.

*After Blue Lagoon, I stopped wearing panties.

Sarah said...

don't touch 'em. let them grow in, blue lagoon style, and be proud. then if you think they really need help, get on your cell phone, barge into a beauty parlor, and act like it's a life-or-death situation.

then you'll be taken seriously.

you can always turn on tlc's what not to wear, too, and see what the stylist has to say. she's always picking on people for plucking. less is more. :o)

I have and never will wax my eyebrows. I went w/ my friend caroline once for her to have it done and her eyebrow region was pink from the hot wax for a couple days. that kind of pain just isn't right.

Chep said...

I guess I need to see Blue Lagoon!

OH and WM - never meant to imply that you THOUGHT I needed to wax - but I happened to be there on a "Mad waxing" night. ;-) I have considered going "pro" but the upkeep has got to be maddening. This is part of the reason I don't highlight! (That and I'm cheap)

Sarah - I think I will have to take you advise...less is more...(I hope you mean plucking less is more) because that's what I plan on doing!

Blonde eyebrows are hard to see anyway!

Thanks for your support thus far ladies.....I am starting to feel better about my "bushy brows"

Rain said...

girl friend, lets talk eye brows,,you might need a stencil, wait I'll get you a link.

okay that is a bit pricey, but there are less expensive ones out there too.

or this

or you can go to a salon and let them take a whack at it, it is suprisingly cheap, 5 to 7 dollars, this will give you a template that you can follow for months,well worth it, eyebrows matter. they really do.

If all else fails jump in the car and drive out to see me, I'll get you buzzed up and do them for you. Stop me if I try to do anything to your hair, it's perfect.