Wednesday, October 11, 2006

The 4 Letter "S" word

That's right folks. You read it here first.

SNOW in Iowa. OK - it wasn't was a flurry.

But it's cold.

Know what that means don't you???

Time to make the brownies and cookies

**out of the box of course**

Boxtop for Education contest has started at Mama Chep's needy school. If you would like to read about the original post click here. Last time we pooled together to collect boxtops we gathered over 100 and Mama Chep's class got a hot breakfast!

So if you would like to participate please drop your boxtops in the mail and address them to:

Chepner's Boxtop Challenge
PO Box 9792
Cedar Rapids, IA 52404

Thanks for all you do!!!


zilla said...

It's been snowing here twelve hours, and then some. I'm trying not to resent it.

You know the boxtops are coming! I am not insincere, I'm just a flakey administrator. Hell, I'm a flake, period. But Mama Chep will win again!!!

Rain said...

I'll try to get some for you this time Chep.

Writer Mom said...

Gotta save mine for Jack this year (so they know I love my kid), but I surely hope Mama Chep wins!

Chep said...

WM: I totally understand! Z and Rain: thanks for everything - anything you have will help!