Saturday, September 30, 2006

Dog Days of Fall

Mr. Chep went up north with a friend to Campbella's so I decided I would spend the day with my friend E.

"E" breeds, boards and grooms dogs on the side. He grooms and boards mine for free. OK - not free; since I am what he calls "handy" he puts me to work doing odd jobs around the house.

Today - it was helping with grooming.

It was a busy day at Happy Tails Grooming (I came up with the corny name - so :-P) He had 2 shelties (which boy are they hairy) a schanuzer....and 3 cats. Yes, I said cats.

The person that coined the phrase "It's like herding cats" Has never bathed one. Or shaved one for that matter. For your information - cats do not like to be shaved. There was A LOT of mewing, some clawing (and a few teeth) today. Happy Tails is a popular place for cats because many groomers sedate cats when grooming. I understand why. If you don't know what you are doing (and E does - trust me he's good) it can be extremely dangerous.

So what did I learn today?

1. Don't ever shave a cat alone.
2. Shelties are cute but HAIRY. I never want one.
3. Don't agree to help the groomer when he has cats coming for a groom.

Hope you are having a great weekend!


Carol said...

I used to own a long haired cat who hated being groomed. She was much like a Maine Coon. Anyway, she eventually got so bad I took her tothe vet, who sedated her and shaved her. She had a head, feet and a tail. The rest of her was shaved. Man, she looked weird - and SO THIN!

Rain said...

I don't like pet grooming at all, but the results are so nice. Yes, cat shaving is not for the inexperienced. Sounds like you have a good barter system going there.