Monday, February 05, 2007

Five things you don't know about me....

I took this from WriterMom in order to get back into the swing of things.

I have many things on my's just a matter of getting it out on paper. So let's start with this one.....

Five things I can do because I am not a size 2: *Same disclaimer as offense to the size 2's - but I was never a size 2 (I think I skipped that size)

Change out a toilet without assistance:
When I worked for the parks department we had 3 rental properties that we also managed. In the 6 years that I worked for LCPRD I changed out 3 toilets. Yes - I can move a toilet by myself. Scared?

Empty a FULL 55 gallon garbage can in a dumpster that stood over 5 feet tall (I'm 5'3")
Nothing like lifting a trash can and thinking "What the hell is in this thing?" Empty half - set it back on the ground, look inside and find a pig head staring back at me. Didn't even freak out.

I married a man who is 6'5" and 220+ he's the first man to make me feel 'petite'.
Boys in high school were afraid I would kick their ass. I probably would have. I probably would have been able to kick my husband's ass in high school. It's rough being tough. Right WM?

I can change my own tire.
I have been able to change tires since I was about 20. Removing the lug nuts with a tire iron and then throwing the tire in the back of a 1-ton pick up truck was a daily task for me back when I worked for the park. This reminds me that my sister still tells her friends about the time I had to fix my truck. Bought the book, did the troubleshooting and fixed it on my own. NO man - NO help. All me (and the book). She was impressed. I believe all it proves is I can read and follow directions!

I have dropped, cut to size, split and stacked at least 10 trees (I have cut and split more than I have dropped)
Cords and cords of wood. Man did I hate wood. sounds like a nice break from my job. What I wouldn't give for a little quite time out behind the maintenance barn with my chaps and a chainsaw....ahhhhh....

So there it is.

Five things you don't know about me............


zilla said...

There is nothing more inspiring than a can-do, self-sufficient broad! Chep, you're a dynamo!

Writer Mom said...

What Z said.

Hang in there. This winter can't last forever...(she says while packing her bags for the desert as the sky dumps six inches of snow onto the world outside).

Rain said...

You are amazing!