Sunday, February 11, 2007

Winter has arrived

Skimming the surface, originally uploaded by Chepner.

Yesterday Mr. Chep and I went down to the roller damn to ring in the official arrival of winter.

When the rivers and lakes up north freeze over, hundreds of eagles move "south" to feed and play in the unfrozen waters of Iowa. More specifically - the roller damn in Cedar Rapids. most of the Iowa waters aren't fact it's been below zero for most of the week. This makes it easy to find the majestic birds.

It's a sight to see....all these beautiful birds of prey diving into the water for food. We have been before as have most people in the area I am sure, but every trip to the river during these winter months is a reminder that despite the cold, nature has a way of working through the tough times.

Hopefully people work the same way.


zilla said...

Wow. This is beautiful!

Rain said...

I love to see Eagles and other raptors, they inspire me. Yes, winter is a tough time, hopefully we will all get through it okay.

Writer Mom said...

Very cool.