Thursday, March 15, 2007

March Madness and Trips out East has begun.

March Madness. If I wasn't already working non-stop 8am-6pm I might be wrapped up at work.

Good thing it's been a fun project. I have been able to play with my artistic ability - and I created a video to submit for our quarterly Inspired teaching contest. I think I wowed them with my skills. I have to admit. It was fun.

We found out a week ago that Mr. Chep is being sent to NYC for training...and he's taking me with! WOW! I am thrilled! I have been trying to figure out our itinerary since we will only have one DAY in Manhattan - so we need to decide what we can only see during the day. Any suggestions would be appreciated!

Hope you are all well!


zilla said...

Chep Chep Chep!!! WooHoooo!

Glad to hear you're having some good, creative fun.

NYC should be fabulous, no matter what you choose to see or do. My only suggestion is this: leave your heels at home and wear your most comfortable sneakers. Your feet will thank you!

zilla said...

PS: One more suggestion :-D If you're planning to shop, check out Orvis at 522 5th Avenue (Corner of 44th & 5th). I could spend an entire house payment there in about an hour. LOVE their stuff!

Chep said...

AWESOME! Thanks for your suggestion Z!