Saturday, October 29, 2005

Age: It's all in the eye of the beholder....

And apparently to the kid in front of us at the hockey game today - we were too old to know (or sing) Kid Rock songs.

Kelscraggly and I went to a RoughRiders hockey game tonight. The Roughriders are part of the USHL junior league. The oldest player was born in 1985 with the youngest born in 1988. But this did not make me feel old.

The game was a 2 for 1 deal with Iowa/Iowa State playing first. It came to my attention that I have been out of college for almost 10 years. That alone did not make me feel old.

The kid who sat in front of us was 13 and would turn around regularly to see Kelscraggly with a big ole can of Labatt Blue in her hand just having a grand ole time. To us: we're just kids - having a few beers and watching other kids play hockey. To the kid in front of us: we were weird old people that had a few too many. This - made me feel a wee bit old.

Why? Not sure. I always thought I had a "connection" with youth because of my wit and charm. This young man thought Kelscraggly and I were insane. That is until Kelscraggly got hit with a hockey puck and didn't even flinch. I entered "cool" when I made a witty comment about keeping your hands on your own stick when the other team grabbed one of our teammembers sticks.

I suppose I can't pretend anymore - I am reaching the age when songs from my youth are played on classic rock stations and Halloween costumes are based on TV shows that I used to watch! How do we fight it? Crimp your hair, peg your jeans and walk around on Halloween as if you didn't dress like this 20 years ago - and feel good about it!


Writer Mom said...

You just inspired a post! I hope Kelscraggly put some ice on that puck punch. Or maybe a cold beer...

btw, Segue helped me a lot on getting your header up.
And where is kelscraggly's site???

kelscraggly said...

Well, kelscraggly put several more beers on that puck lickin'...but ended up with a massive bruise anyways. The bummer of the whole deal? The a-hole behind me kept the puck! It hit ME, why should he get the puck?! BS I say.
I think we enlightened those kids' lives...even if it were just for an evening. And just think, we gave those parents PERFECT examples for their "Why you shouldn't drink" after-school special speech.
As for my's coming...slowly but surely it's coming...I'm typing a little slower today since I've got that whoppin' bruise on my arm.
Speakin' of "whop"pin', I know I'm not too old yet, woke up craving Burger King just like the good 'ol days and damn it was good! Much better than the Perkin's at 1am this morning...where I fell asleep. I'm STILL YOUNG!!!
Gotta go make Halloween cookies now!