Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Mr. Men on LIfe

If you haven't read the Mr. Men/Little Miss series of books you should. I have adopted Mr. Happy as my own personal step-by-step guide to life's little problems.

I received my very first (and only) Mr. Men book when I was 8. I still own it. I have it sitting next to my computer and the picture of Mr. Happy is enough to "turn my mouth up at the corners" when things aren't going my way. This book was the start of what some might say is infectious positivity.

Alright - that's almost enough to make my mother barf - but it's true (in it's own sick way). In fact there aren't many of us "positive" people out there. Here's what I mean.

Our company does a Gallup test called "StrengthsQuest". It's all the rage is companies trying to find the best way to work with their employees. If you are not familiar with this "test" here is a brief summary.

The assessment tool asks a series of questions to help determine what your top 5 (out of 36) strengths are. This way an employer, instructor or student can work/learn best based on their strengths.

My top 5 strengths are WOO: (Winning others over) , Communication, Arranger (see Arranger vs Pack Rats post for an indepth look), Achiever and Positivity.

"So what" you say? Well my company has every employee take this "test". Out of 70 staff and faculty members - I am the ONLY positivity.

Guess I can thank Mr. Happy for my lighthearted look at life!


zilla said...

We love Mr. Happy! Actually, we've got a good 18 inches of shelf space devoted to Mr. and Little Miss books. The kids still love them.

Is it difficult to be the only positive at work? How does the negativity not wear you down? Or are they neutral?

Chep said...

We have a little of everything - but we do have a lot of negative people. I found because of my other strength - WOO (winning others over) most people actually "perk up" when they are around me. Guess positivity can be contagious!

I am glad to hear that 'zilla has a fondness of Mr. Happy as well - oh and I am very jealous of your collection - when I have children I will have to get my own!

Writer Mom said...

Hey Chep! Sorry I missed ya last night. Dayquil.
So, were you able to stay positive at work yesterday? Happy people always get picked on.