Sunday, October 30, 2005

Arranger vs Pack Rat - Part 2

If you got the paper today - you may have notice an article closely related to a previous post of mine Arranger vs Pack Rat. There have been other posts that also dealt with this issue (see October posts at Writer Mom's website). I am doing what I can to help the masses.

Hopefully this article will help you help others (or yourself if needed). America's "Orgy of Consumption" (yes that's really what it's called) deals with our growing obsession of collecting crap. Are you unsure if you are a clutterer? Take the test sponsored by Clutterers Anonymous. Sadly it does not appear they have an organized meeting in NWIN yet - so my mother will have to find another means of assistance for her growing problem.

See photo below for examples of a few more of her "collections".

**Note: faces have been altered to protect innocent bystanders.**

If anything this article got me thinking about items I need to post on e-bay. Ah - maybe tomorrow. I have football to watch!

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