Wednesday, November 02, 2005

The Cardboard and Duct Tape King

As I mentioned in Homemade Halloween my parents were the creative type. They put some time into Halloween costumes but took great pride in what our town called "The Kiddie Parade". Here is a little backround on the event. Held over Labor Day weekend kids of all ages ride bicycles, drag wagons or walk down main street dressed in little outfits trying to win ribbons for the best costumes.

I'm not sure how my parents got so involved in this "Kiddie Parade" maybe it's because I was barely able to walk when I first entered. I think I won - and my parents being the competitive types they are wanted to win again - and again.

It started off simple. I am guessing from the looks of this photo I was about a year and a half.

Mom dressed me as Raggedy Ann, turned my wagon into a block and had me pull it down the street.

I think we won.

And so it began.

Little Bo Peep
I dragged my sheep
To the end of the street.
I was 3
Yes that's me
Oh yeah - and we won - SWEET!

This was one of the last times I got be a girl at the Kiddie Parade and by far one of my favorite "floats".

I even got to ride my tricycle. For those of you who care the wings were made of chicken wire and those little squares of tissue paper.

I believe this photo was taken in 1979.

My parents diassembled the wings LAST WEEKEND to use in their garden to protect their bulbs from being eaten by squirrels.

And Writermom thinks her parents keep things for a long time. I will say one thing for my parents - they did ACTUALLY need it for something!


kelscraggly said...

That's wicked awesome!

Segue said...

My parents hold onto things, too.

I think my favorite "recycle" was my treehouse, though.

There were plenty of trees in my back yard, but none had limbs that were low enough, so my dad built me an 8' x 8' platform supported by 4x4's.

Ten years later, he decided to take it down, and noticed that it happened to look a lot like their deck... So he cut the legs from 10 feet to about 1 foot, and added it onto our deck as little island for the grill. It looked like it was planned all along, and even the wood was the right age.

(It's gone now, because they built a sun room to replace the deck, because mosquitos suck)

Writer Mom said...

You are such a winner, Chep. You didn't need the costume...
But those are pretty cool.

Is EVERYONE at war with the squirrels??? Is no one looking into this?