Monday, October 31, 2005

Homemade Halloween

After reading WriterMom's post about how her costumes from this year erupted - I was inspired. As I think back - there is only one year I can recall where we had storebought costumes. Mom never took photographs of that year. Come to think of it - mom didn't take a lot of pictures of Halloween. My parents had another fasination - one which I will address at a later time.

For starters let me just say that I always wanted to wear those store bought costumes. I always wanted to be like everyone else (didn't most kids?) However; as I look back I realize my parents were extremely talented and actually did me a huge favor in molding my creativity.

1983 Age: 8

Scene prior to a Halloween costume contest at the local park.

Chep: "Snowmen in October?"
Mom: "Yes! You will be most entertaining"
Chep: "But MOM it's so BIG! The head keeps falling down!"
Mom: "It adds to the character - it is SO cute!"
Chep: "Well why do I always have to be the BOY" (this will be seen in future posts)
Mom: "Because your sister is smaller and makes a better girl. Now quit arguing and get your father some candy!"

Fast forward to 1985. Age: 11

We went trick or Treating with friends. Who (obviously) got to wear store bought costumes.

Mom: "So what do you want to wear?"

Chep: "I'd like to be a witch"

Mom: "Your sister's being a witch. How about the Statue of Liberty?"

Chep: "WHAT? Why would I want to be that? I don't think so"

Mom: "It will be COOL! We can make you a crown and a torch out of a flashlight!"

Chep: "I don't like the sound of that. M and D are going as Star Wars characters can't I do something cool like that?"

Mom: "What is cooler than the Statue of Liberty? You don't have to go at all you know. You are a BIT old"

Chep: "Fine. "

Mom: "Great! You will be SO cute!"

And ya know? She was right. It was creative - I had a flashlight built into my costume so I didn't have to wear one of those dorky blinkers like everyone else did!

As I got older I started working with the parks department and was an active participant in the Haunted Forest. It was a chance to use this creative energy given to me by my parents. I will admit - my costumes did get a bit - well - more horrific as you can see here.

I don't look down on those that do the store bought costumes - however I must admit - that being a child of the "Cardboard and Duct Tape King" made for an interesting childhood!

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fineartist said...

Oh my gaaaaaaa, the dialog with your mother is hysterical. It rings so true. I’m still laughing.

Once my mother, evil creative woman she is, forced my little brother to go as a hefty bag of trash. She cut leg holes and arm holes in the bag forced him in it and synched him up at the neck with the tie handles. Then she glued and duct taped empty boxes/garbage all over it and wrote hefty, hefty, hefty on the front and wimpy, wimpy, wimpy on the back. Poor kid cried all through town.