Saturday, November 05, 2005

Random Post

OK - I am still feeling a bit - well let's face it - CRAPPY. All I do is cough. It sucks.

Here is my lame post for today.

Inspired by Segue's post "The Greatest Dayton Picture ever" (or what I like to call Indiana proof of hillbillies in KY), I thought I would show the greatest picture from Duncan, SC.

A year ago I spent 6 weeks in Duncan, South Carolina on business.

Each day on my way to work I passed this roadside phenomenon.

This is a photo of an ACTUAL roadside vending machine found in Duncan, South Carolina. I am not making this up. Hell who could?

It's a 24 hour milk vending machine.

$3.00 will buy you a gallon of Whole, 2% or skim milk. 24 hours a day - 7 days a week. No need to locate a 24 hour supermarket at 2am to get your milk.

Convienent - yes.
Fresh? Not so sure.

I passed this machine everyday for 6 weeks - at least 4 times a day. I never once saw anyone insert dairy products into the machine.

Why do you think that is? Well I would suspect the reason is: there were not one, not two, but three 24 hr supermarkets within a 10 mile radius of this machine.

Funny - this is a machine I would expect to find in rural Indiana or Iowa. But alas, it was found in a fairly populated area in South Carolina.

Do you have an odd photo to share? A local oddity? Find it - and share!


Writer Mom said...

I once ordered milk at Taco Bell, and got cottage cheese. Didn't know it was cottage cheese until I took a big gulp.
On that day, I vowed to be more particular about where I purchased my milk.
I would not buy milk from this machine.

Segue said...

I'm thinking Malt Liquor might be a slightly better seller than milk.

Do people ever have milk emergencies at 3:00am?

Segue said...

I thought that was a great post, btw! It's not lame!

(Unless all MINE are lame... hmmm...)

zilla said...


Why has it taken me so long to toddle over here? I've missed so much!