Friday, November 04, 2005

The Formation of the Princess

OK - 2 days ago I started a blog about my parents and their creative side.

I should continue that blog - however I am a little loopy from the drugs. Bronchitis. FUN.

I will add one photo and call it a night.

This one shows of the start of the decline of the "Kiddie Parade". OH - don't get me wrong - the "floats" got better and better as I got older. This however led to putting me deeper and deeper into costume.

Nope - I don't have an older brother. A younger sister. My first taste in cross dressing.

Giant section of chicken wire to change into a giant flag: $15
Costumes for children: $10
Turning my sister into a princess because she got dragged in the rain so my parents could win the KIDDIE Parade: Priceless

(wonder if they found that section to fight those nasty squirrels WriterMom is so worried about)

Hopefully I will have more spunk tomorrow.


1 comment:

zilla said...

Ick, bronchitis. Judging from the dates, you may have picked it up from me. Did they give you Tussin with codeine? Albuterol? I have never been so sleeplessly mellow as when they put me on that little cocktail. Wooo!