Thursday, January 12, 2006

In Memory...

Five years ago this week we lost a shooting star.

January 14, 2001 Mr. Chep's brother, M was lost in a terrible accident while aboard a cruise to the western carribean.

M was on a cruise with his girlfriend and her family. After a fight out on the cruise deck, M climbed over the railing and couldn't get back. He fell from the 4th highest deck of the ship into the water. He was found an hour later floating unconcious in the water and died at 6:45am at Tampa General hospital. He was 19.

M was the brother I never had. M told me storied about Mr. Chep's childhood that made me laugh. When M smiled - you had to smile.

Just before M went on the cruise with his girlfriend he had decided to leave ISU and come back to live at home and attend a college here in town. It was going to be a chance for M and I to really get to know each other. I never had that chance.

During the first few years of our courtship/marriage M was in high school busy with his friends, sports and just being a teenager. He escaped serious injury numerous times in his short life - many while in high school. When M graduated, we all moved to Iowa to be with Mr. Chep's dad. M went off to college - and 6 months later he was gone.

M still lives in all the people he touched. His smile could light a room - and when I need a little "push" I often think of him and what he might do. He was like most young men - unsure of what he wanted - but he did know this. He loved his family and his life. The life he led was short - but full. It was this experience that taught me to live in every moment as if it were your last - because you never know when it's your time.

I love and miss you M.


Writer Mom said...

Ah, C. Very sad. He looks especially young in your wedding pictures...but very handsome and happy.
Give Mr. Chep a big hug for me.

kelscraggly said...

That story still makes me so sad. I'll never forget the day those photos were taken... ;-)

Hope you and Mr. Chep do something on Saturday... like go look at the hawks and eagles. Celebrate him.

Carol said...

When I opened your page, I thought "Wow - he's gonna break a few hearts when he's older". I'm so sorry that one of them was yours. What a terrible loss.

Rain said...

I am so sorry. I lost my brother too in an accident. It is somehow worse to lose a young, strong, and handsome brother, so full of potential.

fineartist said...

Such a tragedy.

Such a beautiful young man.