Sunday, January 08, 2006

Happy Birthday to me....

Nope - not my birthday...but we booked our birthday trip.

We will be heading to Nestor Falls, ON May 27th - June 3rd! We will be staying at the Arrowhead Resort and Motel a little, out of the way place owned by my friend's Aunt and Uncle.

This is the 2nd fishing trip we have made across the border - so we are better educated and ready to bring home a boat load of fish!

Mr. Chep has already started watching the fishing shows this morning - the man has the mid winter itch!

Here are some photos from our last trip to Canada. ENJOY!


Writer Mom said...

Ruggedly handsome.

And so is Canada.

What a fabulous birthday present.
Great place to conceive a little Chep, too.

Carol said...

Lucky you! And here is me, considering a trip to Pontins LOL. I have a couple of friends in Canada, and I hope one day to go visit them.

fineartist said...

Sounds like you are just a wee bit excited about this trip, yes? We all need that in our lives, things to look forward to, forsure. xxx, Lori