Sunday, April 02, 2006

Proving Chepner's existence

According to the US Postal Service THIS is a suspicious letter.
This letter was from Writermom and inside were boxtops.
Now I don't have a PO box assigned to Chepner, nor do I have proof of "Chepner's" existence.
Two days ago I went to pick up my mail at the PO box and I had received a notice of mail being delivered to "Chepner's Boxtop Challenge" and for MY PROTECTION I had to come in to the post office, bring proof of identity (2 ID's) in order to receive my mail.
My question is this. How on earth do you prove the existence of a fictional person?
I went to the post office and explained to the nice man behind the counter what my intentions were - and he was more than willing to help.
For a minute I was afraid they were going to hunt down Writermom and arrest her for sending cereal box tops!
Guess Dental Dad should leave addressing the envelopes to WM!
Just kidding!


Writer Mom said...

I now realize that's MY handwriting. SORRY CHEP! And there weren't even that many boxtops. What a pain in the ass!

We'll get back to eating, and I'll use your postal name next time. Promise.


Chep said...

Not a pain in the ass at all!

He was more than willing to help and now Chepner exists and we can get mail to that address!

Oh the dog house.

I have upset someone with the post that used to be there. So I yanked it.

Rain said...

Jeez, I hope I don't get any letters for "Rain"