Saturday, April 08, 2006

The Truth About Chepner's Disappearance

OK. I haven't been completely honest about where I have been.

Yes. I was in and out of the doctor.

Yes - our school had graduation (2 weeks ago) - which always keeps me busy.

Yes - we start a new term on Monday - which keeps me busier than graduation.

BUT - I must admit. I have a new obsession. Writermom has her Flickr - I have - the gym.

I must admit the blog lags will only get worse as fishing season arrives.

Please know that I am not ignoring you - in this case I am trying to put my health first (doctor strongly suggested) and I am taking it very seriously.

So anyway - that's where I am - trying to win the second round of the Biggest Loser contest at work.

Just wait - I'll probably end up pregnant and lose!


fineartist said...

Good on ya honey, and here I sit while my butt becomes undistinguishable from my back, just one big blob now, blogging away.

I gotta tell ya, today the sun was shining so bright and warm that I dug out a swim suit and went out on the deck to get some sun. Well, along comes my smart ass oldest son, who upon taking one look at me began laughing so hard that he SPIT his cigarette out of his mouth and then fell down. The ass.

I said, hey, stop it. “He said, what the hell happened to you mom? Not that you don’t look good for fifty.” Yah? Thanks ass hole of the year, I’m forty five.

Then he went on to add that the next time I get the urge to snack maybe I ought to fall down on the floor and do a few sit ups.


I’m depressed now, I need cookies.

Xxx, Lori

Rain said...

Good for you!!! I am thinking seriously about buying a pilates machine....

Chep said...

FA: Reading your comment makes me never want to have kids! ;-) J/K

I think you look great - I wish I looked half as good as you do right now!

I must admit part of the gym is to get me in shape for the Relay for Life in June....15 hours of walkin - that's a long time!

Writer Mom said...

We're back. What's this about Easter?

15 hours!?! That would kill me. The title would make no sense, as I would be dead on the side of the trail.

I should come take pictures, so long as I get to drive in the beer cart.

zilla said...

Okay, Chep. I'll be honest. Fishing, I get that. I want some of that. But working out? Walking fifteen hours for even the best cause?


It's as if I turned 44 and the laziness fairy put ten extra helpings of sloth under my pillow and I greedily accepted all of them.

Keep us updated on your progress. DUDE, I need some INSPIRATION!