Tuesday, June 27, 2006

It's been a week

Grandpa and Mama Chep

Well...this week has been a little more eventful than most at work. This alone has kept me busy, busy, busy!

Anyone looking to run an MA department at a small Iowa school???

I can't complain though, my mother has been working her tail off to help my grandfather (85) get over a case of Shingles. She is more than busy....it's a good thing she has the summers off.

Taking care of a parent can be difficult not only physically, but emotionally as well. Taking care of my grandfather - is a whole different ball game.

Grandpa still lives in the house that he built when he got married many, many years ago. He has encountered more in his 85 years than most people can dream about. He has been on his own since 1996 when we lost grandma. Since then he has learned to cook (not great - but he keeps himself fed), pay the bills and even continue to send Christmas cards (not without some help from mom of course.)

He makes me very proud to have him as a grandfather. One day I will tell his story. Today it's about mom.

Mom is the only of her 3 siblings that has stayed in the immediate area. In fact she lives across town. So when grandpa got sick last week - it was up to her to make sure he got to the doctor. When his only good eye swelled shut, it was up to mom to travel across town 4 times a day to put eye drops in his eye to reduce the swelling. She is doing a wonderful job taking care of him despite his grumpy disposition.

So here's to mom - and her devotion to her dad.

Keep your chin up mom....he doesn't mean to be grumpy. OH and we will be there this weekend...so you have that to look forward to!


zilla said...

Props to devoted daughters like Mama Chep, everywhere!

Shingles, ugh! Sending healing ju-ju to granddad.

Writer Mom said...

Yes, way to go Mama Chep. I was going to mention your Grandpa looked grumpy, but thought perhaps he had a good reason, so didn't.

So you'll be in Indiana this weekend and we'll be in Michigan.

Have a great holiday!

fineartist said...

Frippen frappin truckin shingles, that sh*t hurts...I had them last winter...gads, thought I would pee myself.

Man, momma chep is HAWT! I mean she is beautiful, woo hoo. xx, Lori