Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Oddity for today

You know you don't wear skirts enough when you wear a new skirt (with cute shoes) and your boss says...

"WHOA - nice shoes"

I had many compliments on my outfit. Made me feel pretty.

It was a good day!


zilla said...

Post a picture of your shoes, girly-girl!

Writer Mom said...

Yes. Let US be the judge of their cuteness. We're all Flickr people now. You must have a camera at all times.

Chep said...

WM: I have gotten much better at taking it with me most places...I just felt funny taking a picture of myself or asking someone to do it for me.

I will be wearing the outfit in questions at the wedding this weekend...perfect excuse to have your picture taken right? I will have it then. Promise.

fineartist said...

heheh, you guys crack me up.

I feel pretty oh so pretty...I feel pretty and witty and, Lori