Sunday, November 27, 2005

My E-bay Inheritence...

I have promised you photos of my mother's disease.

I know it isn't nice to tease people about their flaws.

This is my karma for doing so.

What is this you ask? Not sure what part of my pajama pants - but it's a photo of my pants after I fell down the stairs taking a picture of my mother's clutter. Oh yeah and I was drunk when I did it....told ya - good times over T-day.

Sorry mom - I made a promise - so here is a sample of the packratism at Chep's Parent's house.

My mother had a thing for tins. You know those collectable types. I am unsure of how it started - but it ended with a revamp of the dining room and the tins had to have a new home.

Dad Chep is a handy man. He put up some shelves in the basement to accomodate the collection. He did a nice job getting them all in there. That I will admit.

This room - has 3 TVs. One (in the center of the photo) which is set up for operation.

There are 2 on the shelving unit in the 2nd photo that are b/w and 13" or smaller. One is crossing guard orange. I thought about asking for it. I decided that I didn't have a use for it and decided against it. Not to mention Mr. Chep would have kicked my ass for bringing more stuff back to our little place. OK not literally - but he wouldn't be pleased. That's for sure.

Can you find the TV's?

I will post the answers in a future post.

I will admit that some of the clutter was caused by the sofa bed being pulled out. But not all.

Oh yeah and what was the photo that caused the drunken fall (where I think I bruised my rib)?

This one:

I do have more photos - but I think I should clear posting them with my mother. She has threatened bodily harm for sharing pictures of her garage - but it is so much better than before - maybe she will let me.

Let's hope.

Let's put it this way - she wasn't impressed with Fineartist's garage if that gives you any idea of it's condition.

Oh and by the way - fine work on kicking the garage's axe FineArtist!

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fineartist said...

OMG Chep, I love you, and I laughed all the way through this post.

I have a girlfriend who STILL collects those tins too. They are kinda cool you know.

And I was reading the post above and just think, if your mom didn’t save all that stuff you wouldn’t have been able to play pin with your man…okay, that was sort of frustrating too, hehe, ask him to leg wrestle you, chicks usually win legs down in leg wrestling.

I’ll bet you guys tease your mother unmercifully over her collections, Lord knows we tease my mom….xxx, enjoyed this soooo much, Lori