Saturday, December 03, 2005

Kickin Arse...

It snowed today in Iowa. Not shocking.
Mr. Chep suggested we not go anywhere because of the amount of snow that was to fall all day.
When I get bored - I clean. So I cleaned my fridge (finally) and behind the fridge and behind the is the end result. It looks like I need to go to the store.

You notice I am not showing the freezer. I did not tackle that.

I was too worried about the dust bunnies behind the fridge and the nasties behind the stove.

Mr. Chep said he needs to lock me up in the house more often. He said that as he was cleaning the top of the fridge. Then he dusted the family room. He's a good helper. I am thankful for that.

Hopefully you all had a more exciting day than I did!


fineartist said...

Man, that fridge is beautiful.

xxx, Lori

Writer Mom said...

We went to a Par-Tay!!!

My house is totally dirty...and we're expecting guests in a week. Wanna come clean my house? Bring Mr. Chep, too.