Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Self Portait Tuesday (Taken on Thursday edited on Tuesday)

Mr. Chep left this evening for a conference in Madison, WI. He will be there until Friday.
Having him gone makes me feel a little like a half a bottle of beer.
Glad you have it but wish you had a little more to enjoy!


zilla said...

I so totally wiffed on self-portrait Tuesday this week! It's become like a dental appointment -- I'll glad ly go, but dang me if I don't need a reminder call!

Writer Mom said...

This is SOOOO awesome!!!

You need to submit this to the site.

Seriously. It's way cool.

I just showed off my stupid hair.

Sniff. I miss Mr. Chep, too.

Chep said...

Writer mom...??? Submit to what site?

Rain said...

yeah, it's a good one. at first I thought you were exhaling a big cloud of smoke too, but then I saw the grill.

Writer Mom said...

Tee Hee. I didn't see the grill.

Chep said...

Actually I took this while watching the Turkey fry - that's steam!

The Jamoker said...

I'm not buying it.
You Pshopped that image onto the bottle.


fineartist said...

That’s the prettiest bottle of beer I have ever seen.

My man is on a hunting trip. I kind of like the space, for the first couple of days, then I jones for him too.

You know, Chep you left a really kind and warm fuzzy message on my last post for me, it made my heart warm. Thank you sweet girl, I needed that. Xxx, Lori