Sunday, November 13, 2005

My Transgender Choice: Inspired by Cheryl

I was brought to Cheryl's site by her Which B-movie BadAss are you on Writer Mom's site.

I was intrigued by her most recent post which asked the question "If you could wake up tomorrow as a character of the opposite sex, who would you want to be?"

WOW. I never knew I could have this much trouble picking a male character I would want to be.

Now if you asked me who my favorites were - that would be a little easier: Jake or Charlie Harper on "Two and a Half Men". The more I thought about it I decided that waking up with an STD (Charlie) or with the hormones of an 11 year old boy (Jake) would not be fun. However; I must admit their antics are extremely entertaining.

OK - Neil Patrick Harris has had an array of interesting characters which is why his most recent character Barney on "How I Met Your Mother" crossed my mind (NO not Doogie Houser MD). He's funny, loud, and always trying to rope Ted (his best friend) into crazy little adventures. After a little thought I decided the point was NOT to select someone like yourself. Not to mention he's a man-whore (are you seeing a pattern here?)

So who did I decide on? Well Greg Sanders from CSI. He's witty, smart and let's face it down right sexy (plus he's got the best hair of the bunch too!) Anyone who has the ability to be a geek and get the ladies is worthy of waking up with (oh I mean as!)

So how about you? Who did you choose? Oh and don't forget to visit Cheryl's site and tell her too!


zilla said...

I missed this post so I'm heading over there pronto because if Cheryl has any magical powers whatsoever, I think she likes me enough to turn me into McGyver.

Imagine! Me! McGyver! How awesome would that be?!?!?

Chep said...

'Zilla as McGyver - that would kick ass! I didn't even think about the cool Star Trek people I could have been (sorry married a geek - probably why I chose a geeky character!)

Cheryl said...

You lot are making my own choice look pretty useless at anything but squidging egos and humping like a dog.
I feel unaltruistic now. But fun.

Great post!

kelscraggly said...

Jon Stewart...hands down...Jon Stewart.

zilla said...

Okay, so, Chep. Don't, like, check your stats or anything, and if you do, and you see my IP address like a kajillion times, it wasn't really me coming here to see the picture of Greg or anything like that. I'm pretty sure the cats have been walking over my keyboard to get to their dish, and they just happen to accidentally log "me" in and nudge "me" over to your page, so it looks like I'm becoming obsessive about Greg (do you have his number, byw?), but I'm really not -- in fact I haven't been anywhere near the computer in like two whole weeks, and guys in black scare me anyway, plus I have a secret crush on Sandra Bullock (I call her "Sandy" because we're close.)

Just, you know, wanted to make sure your stats weren't freaking you out. Okay. Cool. We're still friends, right? Great. Bye.

fineartist said...

Funny as hell the comments and the post! I went through similar turmoil on my decision Chep, and finally narrowed it down to James Woods. Wait how’s about I just jump around from man to man? Heh. Xxx, Lori