Saturday, November 19, 2005

The Prodical Husband

We went shopping today to get peanut oil for the Turkey fryer. We came home with this:

It was my way to get Mr. Chep from begging for an I-pod. We do travel a lot and this will come in quite handy on the road. Mr. Chep has spent the evening attempting to install this little devise. That's OK - it has allowed me to play here and watch Harry Potter! The things we put up with when married to geeks!!


Writer Mom said...

That's an excellent picture! Did you shoot that with a Nikon D50?? Doctor it up with Photoshop CS2??

And can you burn me a copy of that Sting CD? I love Sting.

(secret message to Mr. Chep--iPods totally ROCK!)

Segue said...

Why'd you pick XM over Sirius?

I have Sirius, and I thought my reasoning was pretty good:

1. Howard Stern is switching to Sirius, and while I do NOT listen to Howard, he has a huge following that will be boosting Sirius' market share.

2. Sirius has the Sunday NFL package, while XM broadcasts NASCAR races. I am a little suspicious of a company that attempts to bring the SOUNDS of a car race into my home and vehicle.

Actually, since you have XM now, tell me what exactly they are broadcasting from the race. I'm curious.

Chep said...

Segue: We chose XM over Sirus for two reasons. MLB and Big Ten Football and Basketball.

Being in Iowa we don't get many Indiana (my alma mater) or Purdue (Mr. Chep's alma mater) so we are hoping to catch the games that are not on TV on the radio. Also, Mr. Chep is a White Sox fan in Cubs country.

We considered Sirius - but we have NFL Sunday Ticket on DirecTV so it wasn't necessary to have it in the car - not to mention BIG TEN was more important!

As soon as I get a chance to listen to the sounds of NASCAR I will be sure to give you an update!