Thursday, November 17, 2005

Our little secrets....

Writermom posted her fetish....I am posting - a weakness. This is a window into my soul. I am unsure why I am sharing this with all of you - maybe in a hopes that if I realize there's a problem...nah - it's just funny and I recognize that!

I have discussed before that my mother is a packrat. Growing up we had a lot of friends that came to the house. They would have plenty to drink - but the rest of the fridge was full of condiments.

They say - like mother/like daughter. I didn't get all of my mother's habits - but as far as the fridge goes....I am most definately my mother's daughter.

This is a full view of my fridge. Most areas of my house are tidy. This however is the exception. I am my mother. I am a collector of condiments.

Let's take a closer look at the contents shall we?

If you look closely at the first photo you will notice that my doors of my fridge have no real organization. Ice cream syrup is hanging out with some BBQ sauce, salad dressing, A-1 (which neither of us even use!) a bottle of wine that some guy at Brad's work made (which sucked BTW) and some lime juice. The photo on the right has a little more I have 2 (yeah 2) bottles of ketchup, mustard, mayo, miracle whip, tartar sauce, louisiana hot sauce, soy sauce, worsteshire sauce and caramel.

Ah yes - the shelves. There are tons of leftovers. But we are not here to discuss those. It's the condiment issue I am here to address. The photo on the left is almost ALL condiments. Jellies, more BBQ sauce, more mayo, sour cream, horseradish, salad dressing, pickles....the list goes on and on.

OK. Now that I have shared I have to make a vow to clean out. Reorganize. No harm no foul. Well the foul has been witnessed and I need to remedy the issue. Hopefully before the end of the year I can share with you my clean and totally reorganized fridge.

Anyone else got any dirty little secrets???


Segue said...

A quote that stuck in my head:

"A full refrigerator door is a sign of a healthy household."

Just make sure you throw away stuff when it goes bad.

zilla said...

You are a brave woman and I am so too chicken to post a tell-all pic of my laundry room. You would send Social Services.

You do have some Ro-tel in the cupboard to go with that Velveeta, don't you? Yes? Heat it up & I'll bring the margaritas & torilla chips!

Hey everyone, PARTY AT CHEP'S! TGIF!

Writer Mom said...

Did your Mom tell you to turn your condiments upside down, too?
Maybe that's how they are multiplying.

kelscraggly said...

This coming from the woman who won't touch salad with her bare hands?!?!? I'm, not really, as I have lived with you.

Dirty little secrets? Plenty. To be posted on my blog? Only when I get really brave.

fineartist said...

Loved this post, and the comments too, heh.

Upside down condiments, heh.

My fridge looks worse, way worse.
xxx, Lori

fineartist said...

okay, I am going to work on posting my dirty HUGE secret, maybe if I have time, translates, if my balls don't recede between now and then....
xxx, Lo